ReadMe - FrontBase PlugIn for WebObjects 5

1.   Introduction
2.   The innards of a FrontBase PlugIn installation
3.   Documentation

1. Introduction

The FrontBase PlugIn for WebObjects 5 is required for WebObjects 5 applications to work properly with the FrontBase RDBMS through a JDBC connection.

2. The innards of a FrontBase PlugIn installation

The FrontBase PlugIn consists of three items which must be installed on the target computer system.
The following items are copied onto the system:
FrontBasePlugIn.EOMplugin NEXT_ROOT\Developer\EOMBundles
FrontBasePlugIn.framework NEXT_ROOT\Local\Library\Frameworks
frontbasejdbc.jar FB_HOME_DIR\Java
ReadMe.html FB_HOME_DIR\Java

These items will enable you to connect to FrontBase from WebObjects 5 using the FrontBase plugin.

3. Documentation

To use the FrontBase plugin with WebObjects 5

EOModeler: In the login panel it is only necessary to specify a URL in the URL field. Alternatively the user and password fields can be extracted and entered into the respective fields in the login panel. The URL syntax is as follows:

jdbc:FrontBase:// <host info> [<arg list>]
<host info> ::= <regular> | <cluster list>
<arg list> ::= <user> | <user password> | <database password> | <session> | <system> |
<isolation level> | <locking discipline> | <access mode>
<regular> ::= host_name <database info>
<cluster list> ::= <cluster member> {/<cluster member>}
<database info> ::= /database_name | :port
<cluster member> ::= database_name@host_name
<user> ::= /user=user_name
<user password> ::= /upasswd=user_password
<database password> ::= /dbpasswd=database_password
<session> ::= /session=session_id
<system> ::= /system=system_user
<isolation level> ::= /isolation=<isolation value>
<locking discipline> ::= /locking=<locking value>
<access mode> ::= /readOnly=<access value>
<isolation value> ::= read_uncommitted | read_committed | repeatable_read | serializable | versioned
<locking value> ::= pessimistic | deferred | optimistic
<access value> ::= true | false


Please note that the user name is compulsory for the connection to work. If you have not created any users then you could simply use _SYSTEM (user=_SYSTEM) to get started.

WebObjects 5 runtime: In order to make a WebObjects 5 project use the FrontBase plugin the framework FrontBasePlugIn.framework must be added to the project.

This framework is located in NEXT_ROOT\Local\Library\Frameworks

The documentation for the FrontBase database server can be downloaded from our website's download area. Please take the time to peruse this documentation, so you at least have a good feeling for what is in there.