ReadMe - Frontbase extension for Tclx

Version 0.95

The FrontBase extension Tcl requires that Tcl has ben installed on the system. Tcl can be downloaded from

This version has been tested on Windows 2000 and Linux-Mandrake both with Tcl 8.3.

Windows users can download tcl_fbsql.dll. All other users should download the source file.

Build and instalation

Unpack tcl_fbsql.tar.gz and cd to tcl_fbsql. There is no configuration script yet so you might have to edit Makefile.linux to match the actual instalation of FrontBase. Build with the command 'make -f Makefile.linux'.

Supported functions

sql connect <host> <user> [<password> [<database> [<database password>}]]
sql selectdb <database>
sql autocommit
sql commit
sql rollback
sql query <sql statement>
sql <sql statement>
sql execute <sql statement>
sql fetchrow <variable name>
sql fetcharray <variable name>
sql fetch
sql setrow <row number>
sql numrows
sql numcols
sql insertid
sql column <column number>
sql columns
sql columntype <column number>
sql columnname <column number>
sql columnlength <column number>
sql dbtables
sql dbcolumns <table name>
sql dbindexes <table name>
sql disconnect
sql listdbs
sql endquery
sql version