Frontbase Driver For Revolution 2.5 and later
Version 1.1 Release Notes

1. Please Note

The FrontBase Drivers version 1.1 will require
FrontBase 3.6 or later. The drivers will also not work with versions of Revolution prior to 2.5.

2. Overview

Enclosed are the FrontBase Drivers for Revolution 2.5 and later that allow Revolution applications to use FrontBase 3.6 and above. This release includes drivers for Windows, MacOSX and Linux versions of Revolution.

The "FrontBase for Revolution" document contains instructions for installing and using the FrontBase Driver for Windows, MacOSX and Linux.

The enclosed example stack demonstrates the use of the FrontBase Driver and can be run and built on Mac OS X, Win32 and Linux. It shows how to connect to a database, generate a cursor, add, delete and edit records.

Finally, for general information about FrontBase, please download the latest User Guide: