FrontBase Plugin for REALbasic© 4.5 to 5.0
Version 1.7 Release Notes



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1. Please Note

FrontBase Plugin version 1.7 requires
FrontBase 3.6 or later.

2. Overview

Enclosed are the FrontBase Plugins for REALbasic 4.5 to 5.0 which allow REALbasic applications to use FrontBase 3.6 and above. This release includes the following 2 plugins.

FrontBase Plugin(N) which can be used to build separate native applications for OS Classic, OS X and Windows.

FrontBase Plugin(C) can be used to build native OS Classic applications, Carbon applications running on both OS9 and OSX and Windows applications.

The plugins are compatible with both Classic and Carbon versions of REALbasic.

The "FrontBase Plugin" document contains instructions for installing and using the FrontBase Plugin for Mac OS Classic and Mac OS X.

The sample projects show how to correctly connect to FrontBase, check the session and statement objects for errors, and issue a few statements.

Finally, for general information about FrontBase, please download the latest User Guide:


3. Got questions? Want to be an official tester?

Any feedback is very much appreciated so send details of any issues to myself.


Colin Richardson