ReadMe - DBD::FB  --  a Frontbase interface for Perl 5


Copyright (c) 2000-2017 FrontBase, Inc

Copyright (c) 1999 Anjo Krank (FB/PG-Wrappers)

Portions Copyright (c) 1997,1998,1999 Edmund Mergl (the rest)

Portions Copyright (c) 1994,1995,1996,1997 Tim Bunce


You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License

or the Artistic License, as specified in the Perl README file.





This is version 1.40 of DBD-FB.


DBD-FB is a FrontBase interface for Perl5 using DBI.

It is based on the DBD-Pg PostgreSQL driver by Edmund Mergl.


O'Reilly hosts a great introduction to DBI at:


               hosts a DBI-users mailing list at:




For information about FrontBase, visit:





How To Get The Latest Version


Use the following URL to look for new versions of this module:


Please check the Downloads section of the FrontBase website at:



If You Have Problems, Comments or Bugs


Please send any problems, comments or bug reports to:


Please include what OS you are using, and the version of Perl, DBI, and DBD::FB you are using. Also provide the version of FrontBase DBD::FB was compiled against, and which version you are connecting to.


Please also note that since April 1, 2006, when licenses were made free, support is only offered as part of a support agreement.




  - build, test and install Perl 5 (at least 5.16)

  - build, test and install DBI (at least 1.636)

  - install FrontBase (at least vesion 5)





This release of DBD-FB has been developed using Mac OS X with dynamic loading for the perl extensions. It has also been built and tested on SUSE/RedHat Linux and Win32 with Frontbase installed.





Visit  for the latest Perl distributions and instructions for installing and using Perl.


Visit to download the latest DBI distribution and for installation and usage docs.


Please visit the FrontBase website,, to obtain a free FrontBase server for the required platform.



Installing DBI:FB


By default Makefile.PL will search the standard FrontBase installation locations for your FrontBase tree. If the installation location has been customized then you can define the environment variable FRONTBASE_HOME to point to the root of the installation path.


The built in tests will use the DBI_DSN, DBI_USER and DBI_PASS environment variables to determine the connection details.


These can be overridden by the following environment variables.








If no DBI_xxx or FB_xxx environment variables are specified then the following

defaults are used.


hostname => 'localhost'

dbname    => 'test'                         

dbpasswd => ''

user => '_SYSTEM'

passwd => ''


To use the defaults you must have a database called 'test' running on the local machine.


You must have Perl and the DBI installed BEFORE you can proceed. Once these are installed then follow these steps from the root of the DBD-FB directory.


1. perl Makefile.PL


Mac OS X/Linux


2.   make

3.   make test

4.   (as root) make install




2.   nmake

3.   nmake test

4.   nmake install





If making the tests does not work properly, be sure you have set the FB_xxx environment variables correctly (see Installing DBI:FB). If you still have no success, please email FrontBase at explaining your problem.