ReadMe - PHP4 extension for FrontBase 3.x

Built for php4.1.0 (latest release) and php4.2.0-dev (current developer version.)


  • Optimized to use the new PHP API for globals. This gives some performence improvemets.
  • Support for CLOB and BLOB through a set of new functions: fbsql_create_blob(), fbsql_create_clob(), fbsql_read_blob() fbsql_read_clob() and fbsql_set_lob_mode().

    To install and build PHP4 with FrontBase

    The fbsql is added to your PHP4 sources tree by the following commands:

    cd to the directory with the PHP4 source tree, i.e. the php-4.0.0 directory.
       Execute (gnu)tar xvzf <download-file>

    The distribution contains the following files:


    To build PHP4 with FrontBase support do:

       cd .../php-4.0.0
       ./configure --with-apxs[=path to apache apxs script] --with-fbsql --enable-track-vars [--without-mysql]
       make install-sapi

    php4 is now ready to use with FrontBase.

    If you have built before and you change your configuration you should run make clean first.

    The FrontBase API.

    Documentation can be found here here.

    To use the extension on Windows, download the prebuilt php_fbsql.dll. This requires php4.0.5 or later.