ReadMe - PHP3 extension for FrontBase 2.0

To install and build PHP3 with FrontBase

The fbsql is added to you PHP3 sources tree by the following commands

  1. cd to the directory with the PHP3 source tree.
  2. Execute (gnu)tar xvzf

The distribution contains the following files:

To build PHP3 with FrontBase support do:

  1. ./configure --with-fbsql ...
  2. make

and php3 is ready to use FrontBase.

The FrontBase API.

The API to frontbase is identical to the API for MySQL, except for the prefix, simply replace mysql with fbsql. The function fbsql_result is used to fetch all results so you can freely use that to fetch results without any performance considerations. However, the SQL supported by fbsql is the SQL 92 international standard which differs from the SQL supported by mysql.