FrontBase V3 DAMs for Omnis Studio 4.x and 5
Version 1.71 (Studio 4)/1.72 (Studio 5) Release Notes


Enclosed are the Database Access Modules (DAMs) that allow Omnis Studio 4.0.3, 4.1.1 (Unicode or Non-Unicode) , 4.2 (Unicode or Non-Unicode) and 5 to talk to FrontBase. This release includes DAMs for Mac OS Classic (8/9), Mac OS X (PPC/Intel), Win32 and Linux where applicable.


The “FrontBase V3 DAM” document contains instructions for installing and using the FrontBase DAMs for Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, Win32 and Linux.


For general information about FrontBase, please download the latest User Guide:


The Studio DAMs will not work with Free unlicensed or E-Starter licensed databases. FrontBase does not charge for it’s database and a free E-Enterpise license can be obtained via our website at


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Colin Richardson

May 2010