FM2FB version 1.10 for Mac OS X

FM2FB allows you to convert a set FileMaker files into a FrontBase database. The result is a database ready to serve as the foundation for say a WebObjects, Omnis Studio or Qilan solution.

The disk image contains following items:


This is the main application build for Mac OS X. It can be used right away, or it can be moved to one of the Application folders, e.g. Applications in your home folder or the /Applications. Note, FM2FB needs the FrontBase client frameworks to run, these frameworks are installed when you install the FrontBase package.


A Filemaker (FM) script that enables you to extract information from Filemaker files. This should be moved to a place where FM can access it (it works with both Mac OS and Windows version of FM - in Mac OS you may not be able just to double-click the script file, instead start FM and open it by means of FM's open menu).


This README document.

To get started double click on FM2FB and choose FM2FB Help from the Help menu. This will open the HTML documentation in your web browser.