ReadMe - Agent to access FrontBase databases via AppleScript.

To install and run FBScriptAgent

The files are stored in a DMG which Mac OS X will open by double clicking on the DMG.
This is the main application build for Mac OS X. It can be used right away, or it can be moved to one of the Application folders, e.g. Applications in your home folder or the /Local/Applications. FBScriptAgent will run and passively wait to messaged via AppleScript from Script Editor or another AppleScript agent. For details on how to use FBScriptAgent, please see the documentation.
This is the manual for FBScriptAgent in PDF format. You can access this by double-clicking on the PDF file itself or by accessing "Documentation" under the "Help" menu within the FBScriptAgent running program. This gives many short examples of how to use FBScriptAgent to interact with your FrontBase database.
This folder contains two full-featured AppleScripts which demonstrate the power and flexibility of FBScriptAgent. While the manual has small, succint examples of how to use a specific function or method, the examples contained in this folder demonstrate complete, end-to-end scripts. MailDemo.applescript is the "Poor Man's Spammer". This applescript fetches "Contacts" rows from the database and sends each row an email. We call this a "complete, end-to-end script" because if the database is not created, it will create it. If the table is not created, it will create it. If there are no rows in the table, it will populate the table. All you have to do is run the FBScriptAgent application and then open and run this script in Script Editor. The WordDemo.applescript demonstrates how to interact with MS Word v.X. If you have Word installed, open the DemoDoc.doc Word document, run the FBScriptAgent application, and open and run the WordDemo.applescript in Script Editor.

To access the documentation on how to use FBScriptAgent, choose "Documentation" from the "Help" menu. Please forward any bugs or feature requests to