FrontBaseJManager 0.5086



J2RE 1.5 or later.

FrontBase JDBC driver 2.5.7 or later (included).




On OSX the manager is available as a standard application bundle and can be double-clicked to start. The JDBC driver is already installed as part of the application bundle.

Other Platforms


The manager requires version 2.5.7 of the JDBC driver or later. If you are using an earlier version of the JDBC driver then please update it with the version that ships with this release of FrontBaseJManager. The frontbasejdbc.jar must be placed in the same directory as the FrontBaseJManager.jar file or copied to the Java extensions folder.


The FrontBaseJManager.jar file can be double clicked to start the application. You can also start the application from the command line by using,


java -jar FrontBaseJManager.jar



Currently there is no documentation but the most of the functionality follows from that provided in FrontBaseManager.

Backup Management Pane


You must be running a 4.2.4 or later version of the FBExec for this to work.


From this pane you can only list backups contained in the default location, i.e. the Backups folder of the FrontBase installation. Only backups created with the default filename in the form B_YYYY_MM_DD-HH_MM_SS will be listed. When a database is selected then it's backups are displayed in order of the most recent. You can create, restore and delete backups from this panel. Also the list will mark backups which have expired either because they are older than the backup expiry limit or older than a specified date. You can then delete all expired backups. These expiry settings are configurable from the preferences panel. By default no backups expire.

Bugs and Comments


Please report any new bugs or comments to



OSX 10.5.1.            J2RE 1.5.0_13

OSX 10.4.11.           J2RE 1.5.0_13

Win2000.               J2RE 1.6.0_03

WinXP.                 J2RE 1.6.0_03

RedHat 9 (GNOME).      J2RE 1.6.0_03


Known Bugs


      Enter autostart management for the first time. Sometimes asks to save changes, even when none occur.

      Moving columns on edit and new table panels causes the SQL statement generated to be wrong.

      Uploading CLOBs is restricted by available memory.

      The connection and table pane headers are not shown on Leopard 10.5.1.



      Cluster management (needs to be added to JDBC).

      Delete and Rename objects from Edit menu.

      View menu items.

      Add Open Content/Definition to database menu.

      Documentation into Help menu.

      Add timeout to monitored hosts.

      Store User names for unmonitored host and database combinations.

      Cancel edit mode for text fields when return pressed.

      Support multiple result sets from SQL pane.

      Add transaction state messages to connection frame.

      Support prompting for FBExec passwords when required.

      Expired column should be first by default on Backup Management pane.

      Import a local file to a remote server.

Enhancements in 0.5086


      Support for "Force Quit Agent" and "Interrupt Operation" on Usage pane.

Bug fixes in 0.5085


      License pane now works with embedded FrontBase.

Enhancements in 0.5084


      Improved the look and feel on Leopard.

Bug fixes in 0.5083


      Imports were failing to import UTF-8 characters correctly.

      Schema objects containing UTF-8 characters were not displayed correctly.

Bug fixes in 0.5082


      Table columns were initially being resized to fit view window on SQL result, table contents, etc.

Bug fixes in 0.5081


      Delete was removing text from the wrong side of the cursor and acting like BackSpace.

Bug fixes in 0.508


      Table rendering has problems with last column not being expandable.

      New Schema pane; components are misaligned (Windows).

      Result set binary/LOB values are not dereferenced as in the content pane.

      Start database/advanced/stop should be disabled for an unknown database.

      New database should display any errors.

      Preference Panel is sometimes not added and removed from windows menu.

      Open, New and Restore database are only active from main monitor window.

      On non-mac platforms Null and CLOB values should be highlighted in white when a row is selected.

      The viewport containing the privilege table for views, procedures and functions should match the tables background (Windows).

      New view, procedure and function panel should be larger, resizable and omit horizontal scrollbar.

      Add SQL highlighting to new view, procedure and function.

      Table columns can be resized correctly and moved.

      Database is identified as database name in frame titles and not catalog name

      TINYINT and LONGINT keywords are not being highlighted in SQL pane.

      Reselecting current history line on doesn't copy to SQL pane.

      Edit table and new table panel. Putting an invalid numeric value into precision, scale, etc causes exception and panel to display N/A which is not editable.

      Don't allow already monitored databases to be added or available to monitor.

      Fixed Execute SQL not working from Database menu.

Enhancements in 0.508


      Basic edit menu items and undo/redo for all text components.

      Commands show execution time.

      Correct focus handling, e.g. list lines are grayed out when not focused.

      Close Window on File menu.

      SQL Interpreter pane now supports double click/enter on history line and a shortcut key to execute a statement.

      Set OK as default button on simple login and Open Database panels. (Cancel edit mode for text fields when return pressed).

      Added cancel on escape to some simple dialogs.

      Monitor panel. Can select multiple databases to demonitor on monitor panel.

      A host can be removed via the add monitored database dialog.

Bug fixes in 0.507


       SQL history now correctly displays statements with multiple lines on Windows.

       Dropping a check, foreign key, index, full text index and unique constraint was dropping the wrong constraint when there were more than one available to drop.

Enhancements in 0.507


       Execute From File and script command.

       The SQL history can now display the first line only (the default) or all lines in a multiple line statement. This can be changed via the Preferences panel.

Bug fixes in 0.506


      Now formats hours, minutes, seconds on usage pane times.

       Now formats byte size on BLOB/CLOB and backups.

       Transaction duration is always NONE on usage pane.

       A re-fetch on a result set was not clearing previous result.

       Adjusting columns when table column count has changed was raising exception.

       Backup management was not drawing connection errors with correct background colour for non-mac.

       Adding a replication client now works.


Enhancements in 0.506


      Improved performance when loading Table Pane.

      Removed escape characters from error and log.

      SQL history retained once session is closed.

      Add keyword highlighting to SQL pane.

      Restore database.

      Import. Current limitation is that it is not possible to import a local file to a remote server.

Bug fixes in 0.505


       Auto refresh in extract usage doesn't terminate when

       connection frame is closed.

       Single quotes in table content update and insert row are not escaped.

Enhancements in 0.504


       Added support for extract/describe commands.

       Double click on table column definition will open edit pane.

       Finished menu shortcuts.

       Added printing support.

       Added menu bars to all frames on non-Mac platforms.

       Added fetch limiting and batching to result and content panel.

       Added Backup Management panel and expiry options to Preferences.

Bug fixes in 0.504


       There is a pending transaction which needs removing before a table is first edited.

      Create Full Text Index should only list char columns.

      Create Full Text Index misaligns with long column names.

      Insert Table Row should place edit focus on first value.

      Create Check constraint. Remove scrollpane on text area.

      Double click Upload CLOB after already selected value will toggle entry to NULL. (Windows)

      Collation pane does not hide/close when collation created.

      Creating a procedure relists functions in objects pane not procedures.

      Procedures listed on schema object pane does not disabled Open Content button.

      Create view panel should only enable CREATE button once VIEW is specified.

      Can't clear invalid options from Start Database Advanced.

      Usage Pane. Refresh clears refresh box.

      Drop table is not prompting to alter transaction mode.

      Null binary columns are returned as <null>.

      Connecting on port should display database/catalog name in connection pane title.

      Procedure panel does not resize when containing window is resized.

      Scroll bar on error dialog is not drawing when line count is 10.

      Enter on running database now acts as double click and prompts for connect.

      View definition columns are not displayed in order of definition but alphabetically.

Enhancements in 0.503


      Improved look and feel support on Linux.

Bug fixes in 0.503


      Can't connect direct to port.

      Can't open database unless database name selected.

      Connecting to an unmonitored database caused dummy entries in monitored databases.

      License pane in connection frame will not redisplay.

      Usage pane does not list null connections.

      Usage entries are in the wrong order.

      Create Full Text Index display problems on XP.


Colin Richardson.

26th March 2008.