David Marioni, QuattroMultimedia
"Even my partner who worked with Oracle for more than 10 years develops now with FrontBase"

Markus Ullius, Institute of Transportation, Traffic, Highway & Railway Engineering (IVT)
"FrontBase™ is fast."

Pierce T. Wetter III, Director, Twin Forces, Inc.
"FrontBase™ has the best integration with WebObjects, bar none."

Christian Trotobas, ATR Services Internet, France
"The support from Frontbase is as impressive as FrontBase™ is fast."

Michael Rutman, Manic Moose Consulting
"It was overwhelmingly for FrontBase™."

Samuel Pelletier, Cyber Cat Inc.
"We have switched to FrontBase™ from Oracle. Oracle’s annual supports fees are more expensive than a complete FrontBase license."

Alex Molochnikov, Phoenix Data Trend
"FrontBase™ passed the test with flying colors."

Scott Lopatin, MacOnCall
"Results no longer take minutes, but rather FLY back in under 2 seconds. ... FrontBase support has been top notch in both speed and helpfulness."

Mark Gowdy, Synergy Centres Ltd
"It’s stable and very easy to set up.... There is a free demo licence which works a treat."

Barry Foster, Chartwell Technology Inc.
"... I am very impressed and supportive of your efforts with respect to FrontBase™ ..."