FrontBase™ Relational Database Server

FrontBase is the only enterprise level relational database server that was created in the Internet age, by Internet professionals specifically to meet and exceed the demands of today's new economy.

FrontBase is a fully scalable, stable, robust, cross-platform, affordable, and easy to use database server that requires "zero-administration". That means that a full-time system manager is not required. Just about anyone can install and administer the system for maximum efficiency. A FrontBase database can be administered from any computer with access to the Internet using a standard Web browser.

The server was written in ANSI C for cross platform compatibility. Our development team tapped into their extensive experiences in the areas of compiler and run-time systems, embedded systems, object-oriented programming, database systems, and command-and-control systems as important factors in their development parameters.

International Standards

SQL 92
FrontBase is the first industrial strength database server that is fully compliant with this important international standard. It includes full integrity constraint checking built into the server.

FrontBase uses Unicode 2.0 exclusively for handling all Character data, while conserving space by using the UTF-8 standard for representation. This provides easy support for mixed client environments and their varying character sets.

FrontBase uses sockets for communication with clients, making it easy for developers to support a wide variety of platforms.

Available Platforms

FrontBase is currently available on the following platforms:

Macintosh Mac OS X
Mac OS X Server 10.x
Mac OS X Server 1.2

Linux RedHat
SuSE (Intel and Power PC)
YellowDog Linux
Debian Linux
Mandrake Linux

Unix FreeBSD

Windows Windows NT
Windows 2000

Drivers and Adapters