David Marioni, QuattroMultimedia:

"We developed several projects with Webobjects and FrontBase since version 1.22 under MacOXS and NT for intranet and internet purposes and we knew [FrontBase] was THE database to use. It's strength, ease of use, speed and reliability are the best. Even my partner who worked with Oracle for more than 10 years develops now with FrontBase. It's so easy to administer! No more need for a full-time engineer.", said David Marioni of Quattro Multimedia.

QuattroMultimedia (www.quattromultimedia.com) is a Geneva-Switzerland-based company that provides professional services with a wide expertise in the Internet and Intranet technology solutions, focusing on intuitive and advanced client interface design, advanced printing capabilities and visual reporting solutions on the Web. The company's latest project is a real estate portal which regroups nine of the biggest real estate agencies in Geneva. Check it out at www.geneveimmobilier.ch

"Another reason for which we choose FrontBase was their support," said Marioni. "We work in Europe and it's great to get support both during and after office hours. Frontbase support is what I call Five Stars Support."

August 2001