Markus Ullius, Institute of Transportation, Traffic, Highway & Railway Engineering (IVT):

OpenTimeTable is a research project where we analyze railway timetables. The idea is to compare timetables to effective data as received by train control centers... There are about 1.200.000 records for two weeks, the database-size is 126 MB. For this project I had to evaluate a database. I read about FrontBase™ and received a beta-version to try out and made the following experiences:

FrontBase is very impressive because it is very powerful without using much system-ressources. The binaries take only 1.8 MB on my harddrive.

FrontBase is fast. I haven't compared it to other systems (yet) but my impression is that FrontBase is fast!

The installation was very simple. Untar the packages and install them.

FrontBase is available for MacOS X Server, OpenStep and Windows NT - these are the platforms we are developing for. So we have one product for all platforms.

And one of the most excellent features is SUPPORT! When a problem occured I got a solution very short time after having mailed it to FrontBase.com. They helped me far beyond simple product support!

So I can recommend FrontBase to all who need a powerful database running on multiple platforms at a reasonable price. Support is really excellent.