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Subject: Re: LONG select problem -- SOLVED/FrontBase
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on 11/18/1999 5:28 PM, Scott Lopatin <lists@maconcall.com> wrote:

> FrontBase™ support has been top notch in both speed and helpfulness.
> The personal attention Geert at FrontBase gives shows that not only
> is this database strong, but he is ready to work to make it faster
> and more reliable quickly.
> Thanks,
> Scott

Here here Scott! I totally agree. Geert and everyone at FrontBase.com have been extremely helpful and very quick to respond to any problems we'e had with their database. And there haven't been very many at all. Only during the beta stages were there any real problems. But as soon as I told them of a problem very often the next day I had a fix in my inbox. You're NOT going to get that kind of support from any of the bigger database vendors, especially not for the low cost of a product like FrontBase.

FrontBase.com is top notch!

A very satisfied customer,

Brendan Duddridge
ClickSpace Interactive Inc.
Calgary, AB